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Who and what are we?

Ambuscade RIFT is an off-shoot of a strong and vibrant World of Warcraft raiding guild. Similar to it's WOW equivalent, it's a guild focused on end-game PVE content, with the occasional PVP distraction.
Membership is open to players 21+, a certain maturity level is expected, and a sense of humour helps, too.
This isn't a guild that will be aching to get Shard firsts but it is a guild that will aim to experience all the PVE content that RIFT has to offer in a timely manner, hopefully without too many headaches and the minimum of drama.
Think "very good fun-loving semi-casuals" rather than "ultra, ultra hardcore" and you'll get the picture of who we are and what we're about.

Join us!

If that sounds like it appeals to you then perhaps you might want to join us.
We're currently looking to flesh out our initial roster and could use a few more like-minded players who know what they're doing. Well, as much as anybody can know what they're doing in this new world...
An application form is on our forums. In the meantime, if you're interested contact Vandoom in-game for a quick chat so you can start to get to know us and we can start to get to know you.
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